Website Support

Website Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

If you know there's a problem with your website, someone has told you there's a problem with your website or you're convinced there must be a problem then let us run some checks and audit the key user journeys and functions and come up with our findings and any recommendations.

Troubleshooting is best done systematically using a combination of insights, monitoring and exploration. I typically take about a week to run a full troubleshooting audit and compile the report and findings.

How can I help?

My experience of websites allows me to quickly identify likely areas of weakness to avoid wasting time. I can jump straight in and pull things apart and see exactly what's what and where any problems might lie.

You may of course find that there aren't any problems, in which case we can check your website tracking and consider the best strategy for driving traffic.


I charge a fixed fee of £45 per hour for website reviewing and troubleshooting work.