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Google Paid Search (PPC)

If your business operates in a competitive market (like most businesses seem to these days) and you don't naturally appear anywhere useful in the Google search results then your first thing to do is to get an SEO audit and let me help you improve your SEO - this will set the long-term foundations for the website.

The next thing to do is to consider paid search activity as a way of ensuring that your website can be found when people make related searches. PPC (pay per click) search is a way of paying to appear in search results for one or more keywords or phrases. PPC does not guarantee you will appear but done in a smart way it can be a cost-effective way of gaining exposure and visits to your website.

As the name suggests, you 'pay per click' from your adverts; if your adverts are too general, not targeted or not set up correctly you can spend a lot of money very quickly on useless clicks.

How can I help?

I will work with you in paralell to conducting a keyword audit to come up with a set of relevant keywords or phrases that have sufficient volumes of searches but low levels of competition - the sweet spot is to find a set of phrases that a lot of people are using but where there isn't significant competition - this doesn't happen a lot these days so inevitably we will find a middle-ground where it makes most sense to cast your net.

I can then either provide training for you to set up and run your own Google PPC activity or I can offer a limited level of management of the account.


I charge a fixed fee of £45 per hour PPC reviewing, setup, training and management work.

I can also provide bespoke training for individuals or groups as required.